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Success Stories

We would recommend his services to anyone!

"Our family has been blessed by the services of Dr. Mike Nevius. He has taken the time to listen and address the specific needs of my daughter and myself. He designed a care plan that was affordable and specific to our current health situations. As a result, we are both feeling in better health. In addition, he always makes himself available if we should need a quick adjustment.
We value Dr. Nevius for his genuine and honest approach to our patient care plan. We would recommend his services to anyone! If you are looking for a doctor who you can trust and appreciate for his excellent patient care, it would be Dr. Mike Nevius!"

The Webb family, Folsom
I got back to normal

"The chronic pain has diminished so that it doesn't affect me anymore. As I progressed in treatment, the pain reduced, and I got back to normal. If you have chronic pain or struggle with headaches, you should give Dr. Nevius a chance to help you - I admit I was skeptical at first, but was in such chronic pain I had to tray something different than traditional symptom treatment with pain medication."

Eric H., Folsom
Professional, yet casual

" right arm would go numb at night, EVERY night while sleeping. I would wake in pain...nothing would help. I was exhausted and frustrated! I started dreading going to bed at night as the same pattern would go on each night. I had an MRI and was found to have bone spurs and disc space compromise.
(Now) I sleep better at night and rarely have my arm going numb at night!! This is after committing to a plan of adjustments and massage therapy recommended by Dr. Nevius. I cannot say enough about massage therapy at Nevius Chiropractic. Professional, yet casual. I honestly feel like part of the 'Chiropractic family' from the time I walk through their front door!"

Linda J., Rescue